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Redilight’s smart LED lighting system – with energy efficient lighting controls – is the innovative solution to your lighting needs for the Australian home or office.

Our smart Day-Night kit and exciting new Sunline system do what old-fashioned tubular and shafted skylights cannot – provide consistent lighting 24 hours a day, rain, hail or shine.

These optional smart controls enables Redilight’s solar powered skylight alternative to simply and seamlessly alternate between power from the roof mounted solar panels and the grid – either automatically or on demand.

It really is the clever smart LED lighting system that complements the modern Australian lifestyle.

Works as simple as flicking a switch (Or not)…

Without the smart LED lighting system options, Redilight’s solar powered skylight alternative works on a sun-up, sun-down effect – alternating in brightness throughout the day with the rise and fall of the sun.

The Day-Night kit is a manual system that allows you to choose the power source on demand – powering your Redilight energy efficient light fittings to deliver maximum light on cloudy days or at night.

The Sunline System is the fully automated option that automatically senses the output of the light and alternates between the solar panels and the grid.

Plus, Redilight’s commitment to continual innovation in our range of energy efficient lighting controls continues with our exciting new remote control option.

There really is an option that suits your lifestyle and lighting needs.

Designed For Redilight’s Solar Powered Skylight Alternative

Our energy efficient lighting controls are compatible with Redilight’s full range of solar powered skylight alternative products – including extra low voltage solar panels and energy efficient LED light fittings.

The smart LED lighting system can even be retro-fitted into existing Redilight installations to ensure existing customers can take advantage of the latest innovations in the Redilight range.

Ready to learn more? Discover the full range of Redilight products in the online store.

Redilight delivers quality that you can rely on

Redilight’s energy efficient lighting controls come with an unrivaled and industry-leading seven-year warranty.

Designed in Australia and manufactured using the highest quality components, you are guaranteed years of trouble-free light with any Redilight smart LED lighting system option.

Our solar drivers are also manufactured in Australia and certified in compliance with the highest performance and quality standards (RCM Standard AS/NZS4417).

It’s just part of the exceptional guarantees Redilight delivers on all components within our solar powered skylight alternative and smart LED lighting system.

Ready to learn more? Discover Redilight’s warranty and technical information now.

Energy efficient means a brighter future

Redilight is as proud of the environmental benefits of our solar powered LED lighting system as the cost-savings it delivers day-after-day.

By drawing on free, renewable energy provided by the sun, homes and offices that install the Redilight range are reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring a brighter future for all Australians.

Energy efficient LED lighting also boasts significantly longer lifespans than other lighting options – reducing waste and consumption.

Ready to learn more? Discover how Redilight is doing its part in green lighting Australia.

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